Clearanail Treatments



The latest weapon in the fight against fungal nails has arrived at Queens Park Chiropody!

The clearanail drill has a controlled micro penetration drill bit, which drills slowly and painlessly through the nail, then stops automatically, so that the nail bed beneath, ie: your toe, is not damaged.

The tiny holes allow fungal nail preparations to penetrate right down to the nail bed, reportedly increasing the effectiveness by 1000%.  An anti-fungal preparation is provided, and must be used twice daily. The treatment can be used alone, or as an addition after laser treatment. There are no contra-indications to this treatment, so it is available for all.

A single treatment is often sufficient, but sometimes a second and occasionally a third treatment may be needed, depending on how much of the nail is affected. 


First session         £90

Any subsequent sessions £60

A discount is offered for treatment of just one or two toes. 

Check up appointment is charged as a general treatment.  

One treatment with Clearanail is included in the cost of a course of laser treatments, if appropriate. 

clearanail before and after