About Laser Treatments

The Consultation

When you come in for your consultation, firstly a medical history is taken, and we discuss your lifestyle.  Some activities, such as high impact sports, can affect the success of treatment, so it is very important to let us know all about your lifestyle.

If we then think that treatment will be successful for you, we will then take cultures from the affected toenails, to ensure that it is definitely a fungal infection.  Some nail conditions closely resemble fungal nails, but treatment of those would not succeed, so it is vital to be sure before we get started.  If you have already had a test done which has com back positive, then we can skip this stage.

During this appointment, we will make all of your treatment appointments.  This is so that once we have the results, we can get started straight away.  Six treatments, on a  fortnightly basis are normally recommended, so you will have to be free to come in during that time.

During the treatment, you will be seated comfortably in a chair, and your foot placed in the Lunula laser.  Then you sit back and relax for the 12 minute treatment, whilst the laser painlessly kills the fungal spores. Your shoes and hosiery are placed in the Klenz sanitizer, to further aid the eradication of the infection.

If both feet are affected, the process is then repeated for the other foot.  Lamisil spray is then applied to the nails, and a bottle is provided for daily use between treatments.