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General Chiropody Treatment


Warm wax alone
feet or hands





Simple nail trim  £22.00  Available after initial treatment, if appropriate.
Fungal Nail Treatments
Pre-treatment Consultation £50.00  Includes a fungal culture and anti-fungal treatments. (deductable when the course of treatment is commenced)
Laser Course Prices
One Foot (6 treatments) £350.00 (£50 per treatment, including the consultation)
Both Feet (6 treatments) £550.00 (£79 per treatment, including the consultation)
Some discount sites advertise cut price treatments offering what seems to be very low prices.  These offers are for a single treatment, which will not be successful in most cases. Usually a full course is needed, and some people may need further top-ups.
Review  appointments First review is included in the price of the course.  Thereafter:






Chiropody treatment and top up for 1 foot

Chiropody treatment and top up for 2 feet.

Nails take up to two years to grow out, so we have to keep an eye on them as they grow, and give top-ups if and when needed during this time.  We advise that you attend the clinic for a nail trim and review every six weeks or so.  During the visit, we will trim and thin the nails as needed, and we may suggest a top-up with the laser.   £28.00.

If you choose to have a full chiropody treatment, and a top up with the laser, then the prices are as below:






Clearanail Treatment £90.00
Subsequent treatment £60.00
One treatment with the Clearanail drill in association with the Lunula laser, if appropriate, is included in the cost.
Laser Verruca Treatments Each verruca treated individually, unless they are very tiny, in which case two or three may be treated together.
First Treatment £50.00  including a check up within a week.
Subsequent Treatments £35.00 including a check up within a week.
Cryotheraphy Verruca Treatments £18.00 for one verruca, £5.00 extra per verruca (per treatment).