About Queens Park Chiropody

I have been practicing as a chiropodist since the year 2000, serving the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch communities.  In 2010, I opened my high street practice,  Queens Park Chiropody, extending my scope of practice to include Wilde-Pedique nail reconstruction, Clearanail, and laser treatment for fungal nails, and verruca treatments.

If you are particularly nervous about having your feet treated, then I am happy to help. Several patients have mentioned that they were recommended to come and see me, as I ‘was so very kind.’

If you hate having your feet touched and pull away several times before you let me start, if you squeal in the expectation of pain as soon as I take your foot in my hand, if you have an elderly or confused relative or friend who has to be persuaded to have each nail cut one after the other and swears to you that I’m cutting her toes off, then don’t worry, this is the right place to come. Your comfort and happiness is my main concern.