January Sale!!!!

Queens Park Chiropody is offering a 25% discount on Lunula Laser Treatments, booked in January, and started by the end of February 2019.

Winter time is when no-one thinks about their feet, but if you start the treatment now, you may well see a great difference by the time you are showing off your feet in the summer.  That’s why I am offering a huge 25% discount on Lunula Laser Treatments this winter.

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New To Queens Park Chiropody

New in December 2018

Medi-Pedi, featuring The Orb Warm Wax Therapy



A medical pedicure, or medi-pedi for short, starts off just like a normal chiropody treatment, with a soak in warm soapy water, then nail treatments, corn and callus are dealt with as usual, the treatment then continues with warm wax therapy from the Prende orb. The wax is heated in hygienic single use pods, gently brushed all over the feet, and then covered.  The warming wax, not only feels soothing and pleasant, but it can ease painful foot conditions such as arthritis and stiff joints, and helps to hydrate dry rough skin.

After leaving the warm soothing wax on for a few minutes, the warmth encourages blood flow to the feet, warming and nourishing the skin and soft tissues. It is then removed, and an extended foot and lower leg massage finishes off the treatment, again, helping with stiff muscles and helping to combat dry skin and poor circulation.

All in all, the prende warm wax medi-pedi makes you feel thoroughly pampered.

Treatment will take between 45 minutes and an hour, depending on how long the chiropody part takes.

A stand alone treatment of either feet or hands is available if preferred, and this will take around 30 minutes. This consists of the prende wax therapy and massage.

A medical history will be taken before the treatment as there are some contraindications, such as allergies to any of the ingredients, open wounds, blisters, or inflamed skin. Diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy or patients with vascular disease are not recommended to have this treatment.

Full medi-pedi £45.00
Warm wax alone £30.00